webinar: staying centered & powerful through the holidays {12/11 @ 6pm PST/9pm EST}

Triggered by your family & spending time with them this holiday? THIS IS FOR YOU. Viewing on your phone? Scroll down to see all the aspects of the webinar program + testimonials + a special offer!


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Add a 90-minute private coaching session for 40% less than the usual price! You'll get a deep-dive session, powerful pre-homework & post-session tools + a recording of the session! (Um, this price is only available here & now) *Read some 90-min session praise → or ↓ (if you're on your phone)*

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"In essence, working with Dana provided illumination. I was able to confront deeply held beliefs, in all areas of my life, that were holding me personal transformation was exponential." - Kalisa, Energy Artist, Texas

"This is life changing work, and Dana is an exceptional and rare spirit guide. I often wonder if a person has had a more profound impact on my life." - Betsy, Entrepreneur, Brooklyn

"Dana provided me with a mirror into my psyche and the false stories that kept me bound, as well as a toolbox of exercises to use in service of the new self I sought to create." - Kendell, Composer & Playwright, NYC

"Dana lovingly helped me re-write my story of who I am. She helped me see the stories that had unconsciously been running the show of my life for 20 years." - Annie, Founder of Awake Storytelling, San Francisco

[90-minute session praise] "Our session took the wool off my eyes and pushed me into an action that I'd been thinking about but too scared to do for a very long time. That little step has changed my life and while some days it's hard, my life has never been this full and amazing. I've found self worth in my actions...I credit it to you and the deep dive we took." - Jessica, Mountain View

[90-minute session praise] "My heart has been thanking you every single minute of my life after our 90-min coaching session...I am through a massive process of change and I do believe you were the key to trigger it." - Alessandra, Milan

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